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How Are Sports Cars Different From Normal Cars?

Sport Car
Cars аre not all thе same; there аrе important differences thаt оnе must takе intо consideration whеn purchasing a new vehicle in order tо make ѕurе that оne chooses the rіght car. People oftеn choose sport cars due to thе recent publicity that thesе vehicles hаvе obtained аs а result оf famous racing events, but thеу аre not always practical.

The major difference betwеen а sport car and а normal onе іs thе fact that the formеr hаѕ a stronger engine than thе day tо day vehicle. Most оf the times, thе sport engine has а bigger horse power whісh enables the driver to reach 60 miles реr hour in nо morе than twо or thrее seconds. On top оf that, thеѕe cars arе far faster than thе others, ѕо yоu neеd tо make ѕure that you havе the nесesѕary skills tо handle such а strong 'beast'.  
Sport Car
The suspensions arе аlѕо diffеrеnt аѕ compared to the ones оn the normal cars. Since they mау arrive аt thе incredible speed оf 300 km per hour, sport suspensions havе to bе able tо support thiѕ aggressive driving style, to kеep thе car steady аnd give it а dynamic shape. The lower the ground clearance, thе faster thе sport car becomes; therefore, sport suspensions arе usuallу smaller thаn normal ones. 

Furthermore, sport gearboxes hаve lower ratio performances іn order tо enable the driver to rapidly shift gears whilе driving аt vеry high speeds. Since sport transmissions gеt easily used, іt iѕ advisable thаt уоu purchase a sport car with resistant grades of metal. 
Sport Car
Normal wheels arе diffеrеnt than sport onеs becаuse the latter are generally nоt designed tо give comfort, but to make thе car аs light and fast as possible. For that matter, the side wall of thе sport tire iѕ uѕuallу lower іn order to give thе car bеtter stability on thе road, еѕpeсіally when yоu аrе driving аt vеrу high speed.

Sport cars arе less comfortable than normal ones and mоrе difficult tо handle іn town given their low ground clearance. For that matter, yоu need tо test a sport car before buying іt іn order to make ѕurе thаt іt is good еnough fоr you. Vehicle leasing companies may helр you make up уоur mind aѕ уоu сan hire sport and normal cars from them аnd drive thеm fоr as long аs you want until уоu realize whiсh onе you like.

Sports Car Innovators

Alexander Winton
Alexander Winton was the first truly successful automotive magnate in the United States. His cars participated and excelled in virtually every major racing and touring event of the late 1890s and early 1900s. Winton cars were perceived as the model of American automotive engineering.
Winton's success and belief in his vehicles led him to accept a challenge from an upstart from Detroit named Henry Ford. In a much-ballyhooed 1901 contest, Ford and Winton squared off in one-on-one race.
Winton's Sweepstakes racecar suffered from mechanical problems during the contest and his two-cylinder, 28 horsepower racer finished a distant second to Ford, who found his career revitalized after the publicized victory.
Despite often being remembered as the man who lost to Ford, Alexander Winton was a true American sports car pioneer and laid the groundwork for many manufacturers who followed in his footsteps.
Zora Arkus-Duntov
After World War II, American manufacturers began to produce readily available sports cars, in contrast to the limited production, high-dollar versions from earlier in history. After Ford made a splash with the Thunderbird sports car, Chevrolet sought to capture its share of the growing market with the 1955 introduction of the Corvette.
The Corvette, whose distinctive appearance was brought to light be famous designer Harley Earl, was a beautiful package containing a ho-hum gift. The car had a two-speed automatic transmission and a standard Chevy 6 cylinder engine. Sales stagnated.
A Russian migr and Chevrolet designer named Zora Arkus-Duntov took the reigns of the Corvette project after its second lackluster year. He redesigned the new Chevy V8 to fit in the Corvette and replaced the automatic transmission with a sportier 3-speed manual tranny. His design changes vaulted the Corvette to fame and admiration.
Arkus-Duntov continued his affiliation with Corvette, ushering it into its heyday as the most respected and admired American sports car.
John DeLorean
A brash young auto executive at Pontiac named John DeLorean had an idea. He could take the under performing Pontiac Tempest, make a few minor exterior alterations, outfit it with a big and powerful V8 engine and upgrade some of the other components. His revitalization effort turned the lowly Tempest into the Pontiac GTO the car that sparked the muscle car era in America.
DeLorean's efforts to build better and more interesting sports cars continued as he opened his own auto company. He introduced the stainless steel DMC-12 sports car later popularized in the Back to the Future movies. The innovative vehicle was never a hot-seller but was an inspiration for countless future designs from other automakers.
The controversial DeLorean was plotting an economy-priced plastic sports car that was never released. He passed away while the vehicle idea was still in its infancy.
Sports car enthusiasts remember cars. They can tell you the specs of many significant sports cars and can trace the history of many sports car lines. It's important to remember these cars did not materialize from thin air. There were men behind the cars who brought them to the limelight. Three of the great innovators Winton, Arkus-Dontav, and DeLorean deserve to be as remembered as any sports car to ever hit the road.

An Expensive Sports Car Can Be Protected With the Right Insurance

Expensive Sports Car
In a view of a sports car buyer, speed and looks are the most important aspects. However, both of these aspects need protection against the risk of damage and loss. The speed, at which a sports car is driven, increases the chances of an accident. A sports car has a stylish look and is embedded with expensive accessories that tempt thieves. Since qualified servicing and repairs facilities for cars are few and spare parts are difficult to source, maintaining such car can cost a fortune.
Expensive Sports Car
Car insurance saves money for sports car owners
1. A large portion of these ownership costs of a sports car can be eliminated by auto insurance. It may seem to be an additional cost but auto insurance is actually a timely investment for your car.
2. Car insurance shoulders the cost of repairs and loss that your sports can incur despite your best intentions while driving and your care for it. It covers the cost of repairs to the other car that has been damaged in an accident your sports car is involved in.
3. Medical costs of treating injuries in accident are also within the scope of the sports car insurance.
Expensive Sports Car
Car insurance premiums for sports cars
1. Be careful while choosing car insurance for your car as auto insurance policies differ for different vehicles. Since sports cars symbolize luxury and thrill, they are likely to be driven fast and thus, increasing the chances of an accident.
2. As discussed earlier, they are costlier to repair. Also, being an expensive vehicle, there are chances of its parts or the car itself being stolen. As the chances of an accident and the cost of loss or repairing damage are higher, higher insurance premiums are charged to offer coverage for cars.
3. Also, the difference between third party coverage and comprehensive coverage may be more as compared to other types of cars due to the inherent risk of damaging a sports car or losing it to theft.
But you can locate the best deal by looking up your options online or speaking with agents. It will help to bring up a clean driving record during such a conversation to strengthen the case for a favorable pricing of the car insurance premium. Also, the older you are, the easier it is to get a better deal on sports car insurance as you are perceived to be a safer driver. Some cars also have an owners club whose members have special privileges and discounts for auto insurance. Consider becoming a member of such a group. At the same time, make every effort on your part to ensure safety of your vehicle. This can be done by parking it in locked premises and fitting special gadgets that offer resistance to theft.

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Hybrid Sports Car - The Revolution in Sports Cars

Hybrid Sports Car
Are you looking for a car, with a sporty look, but don't want to spend buckets of cash on a sporty automobile that tends to be very expensive for the pocket, then you should think about a hybrid sports car. These vehicles are very different from a normal sports vehicle. The normal sports car is not very fuel efficient and after spending a fortune to own a sporty car, you also have to spend heavily on the fuel as well. To overcome all your problems, various companies have invented hybrid sports cars. Generally it is believed that hybrid cars are not very fast on the road, but these hybrid cars were designed keeping all these factors in mind.
Hybrid Sports Car
The hybrid sports car was made by taking various important factors into account. The first factor is the fuel efficiency factor. There are people who wish to buy a trendy automobile, but the factor that refrains them from doing so, is the heavy amount of expenditure of fuel and insurance. Most sporty vehicles have large motors and a sleek body to support their extreme output for high speeds. The reason for this is these automobiles use enormous amount of fuel because their engines are very heavy. But a hybrid sport car was designed to overcome this drawback. These hybrid cars have a comparatively light body and smaller engines. With this kind of structure and engine the hybrid cars prove to be very efficient fuel users. Again the other factor which would concern the prospective buyer is the comparative slow speed of hybrid cars. This factor has also been given consideration and hybrid sports cars have a feature of fine speed attached to it. The hybrid sports cars are also eco- friendly, this means these cars do not emit harmful gases which cause global warming. By using such cars we can assure a better future and a cleaner environment for the coming generation. The fact that hybrid cars are half battery operated makes these cars a good option with people opting for fuel efficient automobiles.
Hybrid Sports Car
It is believed, that the biggest drawback with hybrid sports car is the cost factor, but if we compare the cost and fuel efficiency then we see that these vehicles would provide us with more long term benefits then a non hybrid car. There are many advantages attached to these hybrid cars. This is a car which can fulfill all your dreams. The car of tomorrow is here. This car holds all the aspects of a good sporty vehicle. It will provide you with assurance of quality and money. There are very limited manufacturers like Toyota, Honda etc which are manufacturing hybrid sports cars. The fact is that, if more of these cars would be in demand then the supply would also increase which would eventually reduce the cost factor. It is very important for the people to know the various positive aspects of these cars. Every now and then there are more features added to these cars. They are not only beautiful, trendy, smart and elegant but also hold all the attributes to be called the car of the next generation. There is a car available in the market which would satisfy all your desires of owning a sporty car and that is hybrid sports car.

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Some Of The Factors To Consider When Buying A Sports Car

Many people with a fat wallet and a large bank account find themselves pondering what they can spend all their money on. Answer is a brand new sports car that can run the quarter mile in under 11 sec that's what I would spend my money on.
Here is how to look at buying a brand new sports car, the good ways and the bad ways.
People who are obsessed with sports cars can find every reason why to buy one and every reason why they shouldn't own one. Some of these pros and cons are listed below.
Sports cars not only fit the lifestyles of the rich and the famous but with every person with a bit of money and wanting to spend it on a nice ride. Many of these sports cars come stock with horsepower going over 500 some with way more like Lamborghini's or Porsche's.